Putting Patients First: Visibility Helps Keep Univ. Kansas Health System Network Running

University of Kansas Health System

“When you oversee a network tied to critical patient care, it is essential to keep it both live and secure on a continual basis. There’s no room for error.” ”

Henry Duong • Infrastructure Security Manager • University of Kansas Health System


  • Keep extensive network crucial for patient care running efficiently
  • Secure FDA-regulated, networked medical devices
  • HIPAA Regulatory requirements to secure electronic patient records
  • PCI standards must be met for credit card payment processing


  • Routes correct traffic to security tools, including Palo Alto Networks, ExtraHop
  • Bi-directional inline configuration enables visibility into traffic east-west across data centers, north-south and across the internet


  • Critical patient care enabled by resilient and secure network
  • More efficient and effective security tool processing saves money and improves security
  • Streamlined compliance demands, such as running high quality HIPAA reports

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