How to Comply with Privacy Regulations and Save Money? Ask Cardinal Health.

Cardinal Health

“There are increasing security challenges in healthcare, and Gigamon allows us to gain visibility to threats while keeping costs contained.”

Jason Kusner • IT Network Principal • Cardinal Health


  • Meet HIPAA and HITECH data privacy regulations
  • Confirm delivery of TAP/SPAN traffic to monitoring tools
  • Consolidate recorded voice traffic to meet compliance requirements
  • Migrate data centers to a 40GB network
  • Consolidate monitoring tools to cut costs


  • GigaVUE-HD4 nodes for each data center route TAP/SPAN traffic to monitoring tools
  • Feeds copies of the same traffic to multiple tools for added efficiency
  • GigaVUE® TA series models provide higher port density at lower costs
  • GigaSMART® tunneling between data centers captures the entire voice recording session


  • With Gigamon in place, the team can confirm traffic is properly routed, and can provide metrics of interest
  • Faster time to resolution for network- and security-related challenges
  • Maintains visibility while the company scales its network to 40GB
  • Lowers spending by consolidating monitoring tools and getting better performance from them

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