Empower Your Intrusion Prevention System

The combination of Cisco and Gigamon is a formidable barrier against advanced threats.

Keep the Unwanted Out.

Deep visibility. Preeminent intelligence. Superior protection. The Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) gives you the best protection against today’s sophisticated and malicious attacks. Stop more advanced threats, gain more insight into your environment and protect more digital business initiatives. Cisco IPS threat appliances detect and prevent attacks through embedded security intelligence with automated analysis and industry-leading threat effectiveness.

Pair a Cisco IPS with the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform and you not only increase the resilience and efficiency of your deployment through our inline bypass technology but you also:

  • Separate network speed from tool capacity and speed meaning network upgrades don’t drive unnecessary tool spend.
  • Reduce the need for network outages if moving the IPS out of line or taking it down for planned/unplanned maintenance.
  • Increase efficiency and resiliency through load balancing traffic for inspection to across multiple IPS device.

Power Your Tools to Prevent Threats

Route the right traffic to your Intrusion Prevention System. At the speed of the network.

Case Study

See how this progressive athleisure company enhances its IPS with Gigamon.

Joint Solution Brief

Provide efficient and resilient access to the traffic your IPS needs to protect.

Deployment Guide

Optimize your IPS with high availability, seamless scalability and flexibility to scale.