Gigamon End of Sale (EOS) and End Of Life (EOL) Policy

Gigamon Inc. (Gigamon) is dedicated to the creation and delivery of high-quality products. To ensure continued innovation, Gigamon may periodically elect to discontinue specific parts or products.

Reasons for discontinuing products vary, but typically include common scenarios, such as:

  • Advancements within the industry makes the product or components obsolete
  • Market demand for the product no longer justifies development resources required
  • Market opportunities shift corporate priorities
  • The product has simply reached the end of its technology lifecycle

In order to assist customers and partners in a seamless transition process and to help them understand the role Gigamon plays in helping with migration to alternative Gigamon solutions, we are providing this End Of Sale (EOS) and End Of Life (EOL) policy.


Gigamon’s discontinuance of a product generally begins with an End Of Sale (EOS) announcement. EOS means Gigamon has removed the product from or identified the product as EOS on the Gigamon price list and the product is no longer available for purchase. When the EOS date is reached the support policies for the applicable product shift, and the product begins a transition period until it reaches End Of Life (EOL). EOL means the product is no longer supported by Gigamon; bug fixes and parts replacement are also no longer available. During the transition period, Gigamon recommends that Customers begin moving to alternative Gigamon product offerings, however, Gigamon will continue to support EOS product assets covered under active Gigamon Product Support and Software Maintenance Agreement (“Support Agreement”) until the EOL date. Once EOL is reached, an announcement is made and Gigamon will no longer provide any support for the product.

Figure 1: Typical Gigamon product discontinuance timeline Figure 1: Typical Gigamon product discontinuance timeline

The following are general guidelines for the discontinuation of sales and support for Gigamon products:

  • Gigamon will provide EOS Notification to customers on the Gigamon Community and Gigamon Partner Portal. In some cases, customers may be contacted directly.
  • Gigamon typically sets the EOS date at six (6) months prior to the product last shipment date. Gigamon will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide no less than 30 days advance written notice of EOS of a product to Authorized Resellers and Distributors. At the time of EOS, Gigamon management will determine what Software and Product Support Agreement renewal restrictions will be placed on the EOS product during the transition period.
  • The EOL date is typically set at 5 years post EOS date. EOL will not take effect until Gigamon has satisfied its support and maintenance obligations for EOS product assets covered under active Support Agreements. Gigamon will comply with ongoing legal duties as required by local laws to support products on a time and material basis.
  • An EOS or EOL product status will not change the Gigamon Limited Warranty applicable to affected Gigamon hardware or software.
  • Gigamon will update the EOS/EOL Product List on the Gigamon Community and Gigamon Partner Portal.
  • All support terminates for the applicable product at EOL date.

Software Policies

  • Under this EOS and EOL Policy, customers will continue to have access to the latest Long-Term Supported (LTS) release of software for maintenance corrections for the duration of the Limited Software Warranty period. Details on Gigamon software releases are available in the Gigamon Software Release Policy.
  • EOS products follow an ‘N-0’ software release policy, where the LTS version of code available at the time of EOS continues to be provided, but enhancements are discontinued at EOS. As new versions of Gigamon software are released, they will not be made available for EOS or EOL products.
  • Gigamon software bug fixes for EOS products are reduced to Hot Patch Releases or Maintenance Releases for severe software issues only.
  • All bug fixes cease for the applicable product at EOL date.

The policies outlined and listed above are general policies and may vary among Gigamon products. Please reference the EOS/EOL Product List on the Gigamon Community and Gigamon Partner Portal for the latest life cycle status of Gigamon products.