Wireless Service Provider

Enable subscriber visibility, slash monitoring costs, migrate smoothly to 5G/CUPS

Visibility Solutions for Wireless Service Providers

Mobile service providers have too much traffic to analyze and too little budget to spend on tools. The use of GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) presents a traffic distribution challenge, and the transition to 5G and CUPS is accelerating the application of NFV and SSL encryption.  Adding more tools to keep up increases complexity and is cost prohibitive.

Take charge with Gigamon solutions that enable you to:

  • Gain visibility into subscriber activity at service provider scale
  • Slash monitoring costs to help increase average profitability per user
  • Enable smooth migrations from 4G/LTE to LTE CUPS and 5G
  • Gain visibility into Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs)

Interested in learning about 5G and CUPS?

Combine These Four Key Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ Applications to Scale Infrastructure Analytics and Management

Subscriber Intelligence

Reliably correlate and forward subscriber traffic to appropriate tools with 5G and CUPS, GTP and SIP/RTP correlation, flow sampling, whitelisting and IMSI/SUPI-based balancing.

Traffic Intelligence

Selectively decrypt encrypted sessions with SSL/TLS decryption, selectively reduce traffic volume with packet de-duplication and packet slicing and dynamically hide sensitive data with data masking.

Core Intelligence

Conditionally forward aggregate traffic to monitoring and security applications.

Visibility Nodes

Continuously access traffic between physical and virtualized network functions with network tapping, virtual tapping and packet brokering.

Scale Infrastructure Analytics and Management to Support Evolution to 5G

Optimize tooling investment while delivering new subscriber performance and services

Challenges solved

  • Traffic volume is overwhelming analytic probe capacity, with 5G dramatically exacerbating the issue
  • Control and user data separation (CUPS) demanding new virtualized infrastructure
  • Excessive spend on infrastructure tooling and telemetry solutions


  • Architect, deploy and operate holistic analytic strategy that scales to 5G levels of performance
  • Lower cost-of-ownership; lower OpEx
  • Improved satisfaction of subscribers; improved competitive differentiation

Access to and Control of Data for Improved Visibility Everywhere

Manage, monitor and control network communications across physical, virtual and distributed environments

Challenges solved

  • Limited visibility and lack of network-traffic control across diverse environments (physical, virtual, private cloud)
  • Multiple business units unable to share the same network-traffic and subscriber data
  • Analytic probes failing to keep up with growth in traffic; focused on low-value or irrelevant network-traffic


  • Improved ability to migrate from 4G/LTE to LTE CUPS and 5G network architectures
  • Faster rollout of new subscriber services and product offerings; faster time to value
  • Improved utilization of resources, reducing cost of infrastructure

Improve and Differentiate Through the Subscriber Experiences

Reduce churn and increase subscriber adoption by optimizing quality, breadth and relevance of service

Challenges solved

  • Subscriber product needs are unclear; incomplete understanding of network usage
  • Challenging to keep up with evolving competitive landscape and emerging technology
  • Transformational technologies (NFV-SDN, 5G-CUPS, private cloud) are limiting visibility and insight


  • Improved customer experience and adoption of new service offerings
  • Increased infrastructure uptime and quality of services
  • Improved subscriber, service-quality and business metrics


Subscriber-Aware Intelligence

Deliver network intelligence faster. Build new business models.


Intelligent Traffic Management for Service Monetization

Overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing communications industry with intelligent traffic management.


De-Risking New Service Provider Deployments

Comprehensively monitor your new technologies during rollout.

TDC group

“Not only are Gigmon’s products quite easy to configure and deploy, they provide us cost savings in multiple ways.”

Bengt Bengtsen • Mobility Team Project Leader • TDC Group

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