Navigating the Cloud Journey

Episode 5: Leveraging Cloud for Data Analytics Applications

December 2, 2021   |   Michael Valladao   |    Episode 5

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In this episode, Mike is joined by Anita Jindal,  Sr. Director of Engineering at VMware. Anita shares her experiences and advice around building, operating, and securing business applications that leverage Big Data and emerging cloud technologies. Mike and Anita will explore the evolution of Big Data, how the Cloud offers new opportunities for data analytics, what it takes to build and nurture a team of application and system reliability engineers, and Anita's passion for mentoring women and encouraging careers in STEM.


1:47   What makes a good technical manager?

2:14    What is Big Data and why is it important?

3:47   The Cloud enables new use cases for Big Data

5:28    Preserving your investments when moving to the Cloud

7:17  What advantages does the Cloud provide?

8:31   Strategies for "lifting and shifting" to the Cloud

9:49   Democratizing Machine Learning in the Cloud

12:07   Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

12:57   Choosing the right cloud hyperscaler

15:05   Technical skills needed for building apps in the Cloud

17:52   PaaS services you can use in the Cloud

19:25   Strategies for managing security in the Cloud

21:24   Application health monitoring in the Cloud

24:28   Paying it forward. Women in Engineering