Navigating the Cloud Journey

EP 18: Securing Multi-Cloud Environments (Recorded at Cisco Live '23)

JUNE 29, 2023  |   STEPHEN GOUDREAULT   |    Episode 18

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Enterprise organizations moving to the cloud oftentimes use multiple cloud solutions and vendors. This naturally requires a different approach to planning. Securing these environments, moreover, requires a comprehensive, well-documented strategy that is flexible, performant, and meets your compliance needs. Recorded live at Cisco Live 2023, Stephen Goudreault of Gigamon and Nitin Negi from Micron Technology break it all down.


1:05 Level-Set on Virtualization

1:58 Micron Technology's Journey to the Cloud

3:33 Tools that Work in the Private Cloud May Not Work with the Public Cloud

5:05 Which One? Multi-Cloud and Private Cloud?

6:35 The "xOps"Ppeople. They Don't Speak the Same Language

8:50 Cloud Security Governance and Training

11:09 Deep Observability and Your East/West Traffic Exposure

14:09 Traditional Traffic Logging Can Create Blind Spots

16:23 Zero Trust and Internal Threats

19:13 How to Control Your Cloud Costs

23:04 Zero Trust Blueprinting