Navigating the Cloud Journey

EP 17: Stopping Ransomware Before It Stops You

JUNE 10, 2023   |   Krisiti Thiele   |    Episode 17

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At RSA this year, Kristi Thiele sat down with Tom Clavel from ExtraHop to talk about strategies and tactics to prevent ransomware attacks. They discuss threat hunting, remediation practices, considerations for cloud environments, and why it's critical to have the right level of visibility into your network traffic.


0:34 What exactly is ransomware?

1:42 Which industries are more vulnerable to ransomware attacks?

2:16 Is anyone immune from a ransomware attack?

3:31 Preventing ransomware — having security inside your network

5:31 Defense strategies for ransomware in the cloud

7:14 Best practices for ransomware detection and response

8:09 The network is the ground source of truth.

8:35 Threat hunting and remediation humans

10:25 Recommendations to start your ransomware mitigation strategy