Navigating the Cloud Journey

EP 16: Zero Trust Decoded

APRIL 20, 2023   |   JIM MANDELBAUM   |    Episode 16

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Zero Trust — we hear about it all the time. When, however, you've been asked to implement Zero Trust for your organization, it takes on a whole new meaning. In this episode Jim and Chris Steffen from the Cloud Security Alliance discuss what Zero Trust is and how to tackle it wherever you are in your journey.


1:25  The origins of Zero Trust

3:29  Zero Trust and passed down compliance

4:48  Enterprise adoption of Zero Trust

6:29  The pillars and tenants of Zero Trust

7:46  Zero Trust is not an application!

9:33  Zero Trust and visibility

12:15  You ARE multi-cloud whether you realize it or not

15:09  The importance of visibility in Zero Trust environments

16:25  Things in your cloud environment that you don't know about

18:14  To get true visibility, logs are not enough

23:59  Don't try to eat the elephant all at once. Starting your Zero Trust journey.