Navigating the Cloud Journey

EP 13: Meet Jeremy Brown, a Threat Hunter

August 17, 2022   |   Jim Mandelbaum   |    Episode 13

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Jeremy is a real white hat who has lived in the weeds of the cyber security industry for more than a decade. In this episode he shares his experiences, best practices, and industry recommendations for all the threat hunters and defenders who are on the front lines of protecting networks.


1:05  Important threat hunting acronyms and technologies: IOC, IDA, IPS

3:24  In the Cloud, going "Beyond the Packet", and network session level visibility

5:04  "Complete" Security & Network defense

7:05  Managed Service, Guided Service, and Guided SaaS can help your security posture in the Cloud

9:08  The future of NDR: On-prem and in the Cloud

11:56  Hunting for Threats — Best Practices

14:46  SASE - Secure access service edge

16:19  Putting defenders "in the middle"

19:50  Final Thoughts: Digging deep into traffic