FabricVUE Traffic Analyzer

Visualize your network traffic

FabricVUE™ Traffic Analyzer is an application add-on for GigaVUE-FM that provides network-centric visualization of traffic traversing networks managed by Gigamon visibility nodes. With it, SecOps and NetOps administrators can leverage GigaVUE-FM as a first-level dashboard to identify suspicious or anomalous network activity through key metrics:

  • Conversations—Between IP addresses or hosts
  • Applications—Web, DB, Exchange, etc.
  • End Points—IP Addresses or Hosts that get the most traffic
  • Protocols—TCP, UDP, SMTP, etc.
  • URLs—Web or Application URLs accessed by end-points
  • HTTP Response Codes—indicating possible server compromise due to redirects or DDoS attacks if servers are unavailable
  • Production Neighbors—Network end points using CDP/LLDP discovery
Visualize Your Network Traffic

Get complete network visibility

FabricVUE Traffic Analyzer uses high-fidelity NetFlow/IPFIX records with context-aware extensions from GigaVUE Visibility Nodes to collect and measure network traffic, enhancing the monitoring infrastructure to:

  • Identify traffic that is being filtered out of the monitoring appliances
  • Detect hot spots within new traffic sources that should be forwarded to the monitoring appliances

After identifying traffic hot spots within GigaVUE-FM, operators can

  • Perform a deeper analysis in their monitoring/security appliance
  • Mark the suspicious traffic as a policy/rule in the Flow Mapping® engine so that it can then be forwarded to a monitoring appliance for packet capture and deeper analysis

FabricVUE Traffic Analyzer:

  • Augments an organization’s security and monitoring infrastructure with a top-level view of network traffic patterns
  • Measures traffic that is not being filtered or forwarded to the monitoring appliances
  • Identifies traffic patterns and trends for new sources before forwarding to the right monitoring appliance

Key use cases: FabricVUE Traffic Analyzer

  • Provides indicators for SecOps and NetOps administrators who may want to conduct deeper analysis in the security/monitoring appliances
  • Gives visualization of network traffic patterns measured using high-fidelity NetFlow/IPFIX flow records
  • SecOps teams can detect possible server compromises or DDOS attacks with HTTP Response codes

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FabricVUE Traffic Analyzer

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