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Expertise On Your Side

Security team leaders face a two-front battle. First, they must acquire visibility into cyber-adversary activity on their network and second, improve SOC and Incident Response (IR) effectiveness while reducing analyst burnout.

Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT Guided-SaaS NDR closes the SOC visibility gap and provides high-fidelity adversary detection to enable rapid, informed responses. 

By redefining how SaaS-based security is delivered, ThreatINSIGHT Guided-SaaS NDR ensures:

  • You aren’t alone – Advisory guidance during high-risk incidents reduces analyst burnout
  • You aren’t distracted – Low maintenance and zero detection tuning improves SOC and IR efficiency and effectiveness
  • You aren’t in the dark – Guided-SaaS closes the SOC visibility gap necessary to effectively identify cyber-adversaries across any network, device or traffic.

ESG validates the power of guided-SaaS NDR

The ThreatINSIGHT Difference

Although SIEMs and EDRs have increased many SOC/IR team's effectiveness in identifying active infections, there still remain visibility gaps to devices, networks and traffic. The result is that analysts are left in the dark when trying to identify all adversary activity described across the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • Get near packet-level visibility and recording for any device, any network and any N | S | E| W and encrypted traffic
  • Obtain efficient, effective high-fidelity adversary detection methodology and techniques to discover hidden and emerging threats
  • Gain threat context with enriched metadata, powerful search and flexible data retention options
  • Get recommendations for analysts and responders with guided next steps and investigation workflows

All too often, security vendors deliver solutions that create distractions rather than positive results for SOC/IR teams. Many NDR solutions have hidden costs and time tied to providing care and feeding, solution proficiency, addressing false positives, and performing detection tuning — all negating their intended value.

ThreatINSIGHT Guided-SaaS NDR includes expertise from product and threat experts to remove distractions and ensure:

  • Fast time to value and ongoing enablement by Gigamon Technical Success Managers (TSMs)
  • Minimal maintenance with fully managed, scalable Web Portal and INSIGHT Cloud Data Warehouse and access to APIs
  • Zero detection tuning with true-positive detections provided by Gigamon Applied Threat Research

Cyberattack incidents are high-pressure situations for SOC/IR analysts who are in a race against time to protect their organizations.

ThreatINSIGHT Guided-SaaS NDR is backed by Gigamon Applied Threat Research (ATR) and Gigamon TSMs, who are experienced security analysts and incident responders. These experienced professionals provide advisory guidance upon request during high-pressure active threats and incidents when it matters the most. 

  • ATR performs reverse engineering, tracking, and detailing of adversary behavior
  • TSMs provide expert threat and incident guidance 


ThreatINSIGHT vs. Competitors

See how ThreatINSIGHT stacks up across threat detection and response areas that really matter.


2020 Gartner Market Guide

Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT Representative Vendor in Network Detection and Response Report


What is Guided-SaaS NDR?

Learn how Guided-SaaS NDR improves SOC and IR team efficacy and reduces burnout.

NDR As It Should Be

ThreatINSIGHT is a solution built for responders, by responders that:

  • Augments your SIEM and EDRs with network detection and response to complete the SOC visibility triad, identifying threat actor behaviors not observable by other technologies across the ATT&CK framework
  • Delivers NDR technology that requires no detection tuning and SaaS delivery that requires minimal solution management and maintenance
  • Eases high-pressure scenarios for security analysts with Guided-SaaS expertise on your side
Gartner peer insights

“ThreatINSIGHT Gives You Visibility You Didn't Know That You REALLY Need To Have.”

“We've had Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT installed and running for 3 years now. It's given us visibility into our networks that we were essentially blind to before. The value add that it provides is not only on the cybersecurity side of things, but there's tremendous value to operational IT as well. Being able to query your network history via a SQL-like language is incredibly powerful, and being able to add custom alerting using the same language is a killer feature.”

Director Of Information Security in the Retail Industry

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