Manage Multiple Nodes as One

Combine multiple GigaVUE® visibility appliances into a single cluster, delivering a single point of management and full redundancy. Operators can also leverage GigaSMART® applications and services located anywhere in the cluster with any ports of that cluster. For example, with GigaSMART SSL/TLS decryption, traffic from low-cost edge ports is automatically routed to the node in the cluster that has the decryption capability. This eliminates the need for GigaSMART functions to be distributed at multiple locations, saving cost and helping to ensure better security and management.

The Numerous Benefits of Clustering

  • Simplify the management of multiple visibility nodes into a single virtual visibility platform
  • Scale your Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline by directing the traffic from any incoming ports to any connected security or monitoring tool
  • Provide high resilience with redundancy
  • Improve operation by distributing the GigaSMART® traffic intelligence across the cluster

Clustering: Just One of GigaVUE-OS Fabric Services

GigaVUE OS offers other essential fabric services required for active visibility into infrastructure blind spots, including:

  • Patented Flow Mapping® technology allows operators to select traffic flows of interest with precision.
  • GigaStream: Innovative technology that intelligently distributes network traffic to multiple monitoring tools for maximum security and performance monitoring.
  • Inline Bypass

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