FireEye Solves the Mystery of the CPU Sawtooth Pattern

Inline Bypass Lets Security Team Take Troublesome Tool Offline

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“For a networking team with as much breadth as we are responsible for managing, any device we don’t have to worry about on a day-to-day basis, that’s a win in my book.”

Matthew Baskett • Senior NetOps Engineer • FireEye


  • Maintain and update and troubleshoot tools without removing them from the network
  • Needed reliable failover for any inline device
  • Required flexible tools to assist in troubleshooting


  • Inline bypass so inline tools don’t become single points of failure
  • Load balancing to spread total throughput across multiple appliances
  • Failover that maintains uptime in difficult scenarios


  • Ability to maintain and troubleshoot inline tools by removing and reconnecting them from the network on the fly
  • Avoid overloading security appliances and taxing their CPUs
  • Instant and reliable device failover for any inline device

Remove the single point of failure from your network with inline bypass.

Find out how.