IT Budget Cut? Slash Network Traffic Tool Costs by 33%

Gigamon optimizes traffic to tools, recovers capacity by centralizing resource-intensive tasks, and extends the life of current tools.

Stretch Your Tools Budget

For many organizations, tools budgets are being squeezed, frozen or cut. The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline makes your existing network traffic tools up to 90 percent more efficient and allows your budget to go further. How? By eliminating duplicate and irrelevant traffic. Filtering out low-risk traffic. Centralizing resource-intensive functions, like deduplication and decryption. Extending the service life of old tools, even on new and higher-speed networks. All without compromising data fidelity and security.

Need proof? Gigamon customers consistently report over 50 percent traffic reduction, payback within months and millions in lifetime savings.


A brief walkthrough on how to see improved network traffic tool efficiency and reduced costs.

See How Gigamon Saves You Money

Eliminate Unnecessary Tool Spend and Sprawl

GigaSMART optimizes traffic sent to tools without reducing data fidelity, so you need to buy fewer tools—and may be able to decommission some of your present tools.

Give New Life to Existing Tools

Existing security and network management tools plug into the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline to extend their useful life and protect your investment.

Filter Out Low-Risk and Irrelevant Traffic and Content

Eliminate traffic and content that’s overloading your monitoring and security tools and reduce duplicate and low-risk traffic by over 50 percent without losing data fidelity.

Decrypt Once, Save on Security Tools Spend

GigaSMART SSL/TLS uses tech to optimize your security with a centralized, purpose-built decryption engine to offload decryption from security tools and let them focus on keeping your network safe.

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