Service Provider

Gigamon enables mobile carriers to save big and become subscriber aware.

Why Gigamon Visibility for Service Providers?

Increasing volumes of high-speed data travel across diverse and complex networks. You need a solution to support this data and device growth while providing you with the granular visibility into your service efficiencies and subscribers.

Embrace Change

Enable new business models with subscriber visibility.

Optimize Tools

Save big with subscriber-aware traffic visibility and intelligence.

Subscriber-Aware Visibility

The business value of subscriber visibility for mobile network operators.

Case Study: TDC Group

Faced with Skyrocketing Data Generated by Subscribers, TDC Turns to Gigamon

The Service Provider Challenge

Service Providers face many challenges with expanding their network and service offerings:

  • Increasing volume of network data

  • Greater network complexity

  • Multiple, disparate (and expensive) analytics tools

  • Decreases in ARPU

  • Lack of differentiation

  • New communication types

Service Providers struggle to meet the demands of network performance and customer experience with traditional infrastructures. A new approach to delivering network services is needed.

The Gigamon Visibility Platform for Service Providers

The Gigamon Visibility Platform provides pervasive visibility and intelligence across all network traffic, and enables Service Providers to:

  • Enhance tool processing throughput

  • Scale traffic to fit existing tools

  • Achieve greater awareness of subscribers, devices and network resources

  • Make real-time strategic decisions

  • Roll-out new technologies faster

  • Keep costs in line and run the business more efficiently

Subscriber-Aware Intelligence

Deliver network intelligence more quickly and shrewdly. Build new business models.

Become subscriber aware.

Partners Complete the Solution

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Intelligent traffic management for service monetization and operational efficiency.

Use Case

Global service provider uses Gigamon to enable data center security infrastructure.


De-risking new service provider technology deployments.

Case Study

Softbank Teams with Gigamon to Increase Network Efficiency and Enhance Subscriber Satisfaction

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Flow Mapping

Customize line-rate traffic delivery to your network tools and applications.

GTP Correlation

Gain pervasive visibility into subscriber traffic to better monetize services.


Get pervasive visibility to deliver granular subscriber awareness and control.

Application Session Filtering

Intelligently forward network traffic based on application sessions to the appropriate tools.