The New Defender Lifecycle Model

Network visibility is key to rapid risk mitigation.

Automate and accelerate threat mitigation.

A Defender Lifecycle Model is designed to automate and accelerate the identification and mitigation of threats. Focused on a foundational layer of pervasive visibility and four key pillars — prevention, detection, prediction, and containment — the new model integrates machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and security workflow automation to shift control and advantage away from the attacker and back to the defender.

Security Operations teams now face greater challenges in combatting data breaches due to the insufficient time for threat inspection based on the ever-increasing speed of network data, as well as the vast number of attackers and resources available to breach traditional defenses and propagate undetected across most networks.

This traditional security focus is increasingly ineffective and is hampered by limited visibility, extraordinary costs and reliance on manual processes to address incidents.  A new approach to network security is needed.

The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform Enables the Defender Lifecycle Model

This new approach is based on the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform to better integrate security technologies that detect, predict and contain threats throughout your network. It moves the advantage from the attacker back to the defender by integrating machine learning and AI-based technologies, and automating security workflows. Security professionals can map out the role of security technologies involved in the threat “kill chain”, gain a better understanding of overall security readiness, and strengthen their organization’s overall security risk posture.

Adaptive Response with GigaSECURE

Defender Lifecycle
Model (11:54)


Using Metadata for Security Analysis (31:06)


Adaptive Response
Application (33:06)


Gigamon Integration with
Phantom (19:49)


Accelerate and Automate Security Operations

Learn how Gigamon integrates with ecosystem partners to automate security processes and accelerate threat mitigation.

Optimize Threat Response

Gigamon + Splunk accelerate and
automate threat mitigation.

Automate Security Operations

Gigamon + Phantom automate
security operation tasks.

A New Network
Security Model

The Defender Lifecycle Model helps accelerate and automate the fight against cyber threats.

Threat Mitigation

Prevent, detect, predict and contain network threats quickly and effectively.

Shift the

Pervasive visibility can automate and accelerate the fight against security threats.