Harnessing Visibility and Analytics to Lead Citizens Through Change

How to maintain delivery of critical services while ensuring government continuity

Harnessing Visibility and Analytics to Lead Citizens Through Change

Top Priorities that Government IT Must Address Today

This paper explores IT priorities that state and local governments will need to address Today, in the Return To Work transition and in The New Tomorrow. Doing so requires the right combination of visibility and analytics to create a secure, scalable infrastructure that supports users and improves operational continuity.

Priorities and key areas of focus are:

  • Solve inherent vulnerabilities, such as outdated legacy applications and systems
  • Improve services by deploying applications to more scalable, cloud-based architectures
  • Leverage existing infrastructure investments and tools to overcome budget limitations
  • Filter out irrelevant or low-priority traffic, so teams can focus only on high-priority issues

As with any period of disruption, this one comes with challenges and opportunity. Download the paper and transform your infrastructure into a model of agility and resilience built to handle unprecedented change.

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