Hybrid Cloud Security: Perception vs. Reality

IT and Security leaders face the reality of blind spots, visibility gaps and data security across their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Security: Perception vs. Reality

Securing the hybrid cloud with key learnings around eliminating blind spots by embracing deep observability

50 percent of IT and Security leaders around the globe state they are confident or completely confident they’re sufficiently secure across their entire hybrid cloud infrastructure, from on-premises to cloud.

Yet the reality is 94 percent have experienced a data breach in the last 18 months, and over 30 percent of these breaches were missed by IT professionals and their security/observability tools.

Discover why everything is not as it seems for the state of hybrid cloud security in 2023, including:

  • What’s keeping CISOs up at night
  • The most common and critical cloud visibility gaps and blind spots
  • Who is seen as responsible for cloud security in most organizations
  • The foundational elements of Zero Trust

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