20% of Corporate Internet Traffic
is now on TLS 1.3

TLS Research Paper

Gigamon studied 275 Billion Network Flows to Bring You Real-World SSL/TLS Data

Using network detection and response technology, researchers gathered a 360-degree view of malware activity across different networks. This report’s read out is full of statistics and recommendations that can’t be ignored.

“According to Gartner, more than 70 percent of malware campaigns in 2020 would have used some type of encryption… And 60 percent of organizations will fail to decrypt HTTPS efficiently, missing critical encrypted threats.” Statistics like this are just the beginning. The report includes:

  • How many outdated TLS protocols are still being used
  • What percentage of corporate North-South traffic is now on TLS 1.3
  • Why SSL protocol is still in use
  • Eight specific recommendations to improve your security posture

This is a must-read report for anyone interested in hard data about SSL/TLS usage and upgrading your organization's security posture.

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