Omdia Network Monitoring Market Report 2022

Enabling visibility and security in a 5G and hybrid cloud world

Enabling Visibility and Security in a Hybrid Cloud World

Get a Modern Network Monitoring Overview, Recommendations and Key Vendors for Consideration

The network monitoring market is in a state of transition as service providers adopt 5G, NFV, and public cloud. In this report, Omdia discusses how service providers should leverage visibility fabrics [and deep observability pipelines] to reduce the amount of traffic sent to security and performance tools, thereby reducing network monitoring costs. Omdia further explains that suppliers are seeing strong demand from customers to leverage network packet-level visibility for various 5G and hybrid cloud use cases, including:

  • Accelerating, and managing the risks, of 5G adoption and cloud workload migration
  • Extending on-premises-level security and compliance into the 5G core and the cloud
  • Reducing complexity and costs of 5G and cloud

“Visibility fabrics are foundational to ensuring consistent and pervasive visibility across the entire hybrid environment and need to be considered early in the cloud migration process.” and “For mobile operators, the move to 5G presents various monitoring and visibility challenges, such as encryption and control and user plane separation (CUPS).”
– James Crawshaw, Omdia Principal Analyst, Telco IT & Operations

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Source: Omdia Network Monitoring Market Report 2022: Enabling visibility and security in a 5G and hybrid cloud world, March 24, 2022.

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