Gigamon Ranked Market Leader for Sixth Consecutive Year

Gigamon extends market leadership position in the Enterprise, Government, Service Provider markets according to IHS Markit

Santa Clara, Calif., (August 20, 2019) – Independent research firm IHS Markit has published its latest Network Monitoring Equipment, 2019 Annual Market Report which identified Gigamon, the leader in network visibility and analytics for digital applications and services, as top-ranked in terms of market share for the sixth consecutive year.

Driven by the organizational need to ensure both the security and performance of their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure, customers overwhelmingly choose Gigamon, positioning them as the market leader in the Enterprise, Government and Service Provider sectors.

According to the report, Gigamon is the largest network monitoring equipment vendor with a market share exceeding that of the next two competitors combined. Gigamon accounted for 36 percent of revenue in 2018, with a 21-point lead over the next closest competitor. In parallel, the report also found that Gigamon increased its 2018 revenue while a majority of other named market players remained stagnant or declined.

As organizations evolve through their digital transformation, NetOps and SecOps teams are faced with managing and securing unprecedented volumes of data-in-motion, which is traveling at increasing speeds. As an example, although “ports” are only a small representation of the reach and impact of visibility, IHS Markit’s report estimates that this metric crossed 475,000 in 2018. Adding to this, organizations are also grappling with the impact of network virtualization, 5G, hyper-converged infrastructure, and the increased adoption of containers, forcing all sectors to rethink legacy approaches to performance, security and analytics. To address these challenges, organizations can rely on the pervasive visibility and analytics fabric from Gigamon as the essential component of their network architecture.

“Gigamon continues to be the leader in the network monitoring equipment market and they are positioned to take advantage of key industry trends that will drive market growth,” said Matthias Machowinski, Research Director of Enterprise Networks and Video at IHS Markit.

Additional notable report findings include:

  • Gigamon leads the service provider segment with a 25 percent market share, securing the top spot in 2018 after being runner up in 2017. Service provider growth will be driven by the emergence of 5G, which is expected to peak in 2020 at $20 billion, according to the report. 
  • In the government vertical, which continued to be the key growth driver for the Network Monitoring Equipment market in 2018, Gigamon dominates the segment with 56 percent market share, which is four times more than its nearest competitor.
  • The government sector also continued its strong performance from 2017 and grew at a double-digit rate in 2018, up 17 percent.
  • Finance and technology rank as the top two verticals, respectively. Within these two sectors, network performance directly impacts customer experience, which creates significant investment in monitoring solutions.

“As global organizations, especially those in the government and service provider markets, continue to digitally evolve to maintain their competitive edge, they often struggle to strike the elusive balance between speed and security,” said Karl Van den Bergh, Chief Marketing Officer, Gigamon. “The IHS Markit Report’s recognition of our leadership validates the Gigamon commitment to giving organizations the most effective tools to understand, manage and secure their critical data-in-motion in real time, delivering the confidence to run fast, stay secure and drive innovation.”

With solutions such as Application Intelligence and the GigaVUE HC Series, Gigamon delivers vital traffic intelligence for the most demanding networks. These solutions are critical to evolving digital organization as the number of monitoring ports shipped grew 17 percent in 2018 to nearly 500K, according to the IHS Markit report, while 100G ports nearly doubled in 2018 and are approaching the number of 40G ports.


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