Enhance Zero Trust with the Visibility and Analytics Pillar

Guidance from Gartner® for crafting a robust Zero Trust strategy leveraging the DoD model.

Unlock the power of Zero Trust with Visibility.

“A ZT enterprise will capture and inspect traffic, looking beyond network telemetry and into the packets themselves to accurately discover traffic on the network and observe threats that are present and orient defenses more intelligently.” 

Reduce risk and enhance your organization’s security posture by developing an achievable roadmap for your Zero Trust program. In this report titled “Use the U.S. DoD Model for Your Zero Trust Approach: Visibility & Analytics Pillar”, from Gartner, you will discover how large organizations, including the United States Department of Defense (DoD), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Google, have successfully implemented Zero Trust strategies. 

Our key takeaways from their approach, including:

  • Logging Network Traffic: Understanding the importance of comprehensive network logging.
  • Visibility’s Impact: How visibility influences the foundation of Zero Trust.
  • Security Risks and Analytics Tools: Leveraging analytics for effective risk management.
  • Risk-Based Approach: Enhancing detection, investigation, and response.

Start leveraging the seventh pillar of the DoD model to implement or enhance your Zero Trust approach.

Gartner, Use the U.S. DoD Model for Your Zero Trust Approach: Visibility & Analytics Pillar, Jeremy D'Hoinne, Pete Shoard, 19 January 2024.
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Master the foundational seventh pillar.

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