ESG Economic Validation Report: Analyzing the Cost Savings and Economic Benefits of Gigamon


The Numbers Say It All

The new ESG Economic Validation 2020 report offers hard numbers that illustrates a dramatic reduction in complexity of IT environments when compared with alternative solutions and an integrated solution that accelerates the effort to find hidden network threats. This results in an optimized security workflow, fewer mistakes and the elimination of barriers to achieving goals.

According to ESG, Gigamon will:

  • Increase packet-level visibility by up to 75 percent
  • Provide visibility into all network traffic, reducing the need to filter and analyze
  • Reduce monitoring and security tools costs by 78 percent
  • Increase NetFlow performance by more than 100 percent
  • Decrease traffic to tools by 76 percent
  • Where DNS security is headed

Download the full report to see how you can save money while finding hidden threats faster and improve network tool performance.

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