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Software Versions

Software available:

Software Versions | Gigamon
Product Version
GigaVUE-HD8 4.1.00
GigaVUE-HD4 4.1.00
GigaVUE-HC2 4.1.00
GigaVUE-HB1 4.1.00
GigaVUE-TA1 2.5.04
H-VUE 4.1.00
GigaVUE-FM 2.2.00
GigaVUE-VM 2.2.00
G-VUE 3.6.01
GigaVUE-2404 8.6.03
GigaVUE-420 8.6.03
GigaVUE-212 8.6.03
G-SECURE-0216 8.4.00
G-TAP-ATX 2.2.27
G-TAP-ASF 2.2.26

To request a software upgrade, send the output of the 'show system'
command for each system to be upgraded to Request an Upgrade.

Customers who want to be notified of future software updates can
be added by clicking on the following link: Upgrade Notification.

For complete release notes please login to our Customer Portal.