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Gigamon | Healthcare

The healthcare industry is installing advanced medical systems, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR), Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS), and Computerized Physician Order Entries (CPOE), all of which place high demands on healthcare network infrastructures.

To get the full benefit from these application upgrades, the performance and availability of these networks are in constant demand. Not only is securing access and enhancing visibility to applications and medical traffic critical, but the traffic must remain safe to ensure patient confidentiality and comply with HIPAA regulations. Gigamon | Healthcare Diagram

GigaVUE-212  >     GigaVUE-420  >     GigaVUE-2404  >     Network TAP  >

Because these regulations involve privileged information, Gigamon introduced packet masking into its arsenal of Intelligent Traffic Visibility Networking (TVN). Packet masking effectively hides information from view by writing over hex strings in the payload, effectively concealing personal information. The Gigamon Data Access Network provides solutions for enhancing network and security infrastructures with devices that aggregate, filter and replicate traffic of interest to multiple monitoring and security tools.

To protect against unauthorized access and links going down, Gigamon has implemented the most efficient SNMP traps and Syslog event notifications in the industry. Some events causing traps include user authentication, system resets/reboots, firmware upgrades and GigaVUE® module swap-outs.

The ability for IT teams to proactively monitor performance, respond to events, analyze traffic and guarantee confidentiality is critical to application compliance and services availability. Gigamon enables these organizations to more efficiently protect patient information and provide only the traffic monitoring tools need to ensure that performance, security, and regulatory compliance needs are met.