Power Your Tools
to Prevent Threats

Route the right traffic to threat prevention tools — a new network security best practice. Stop intrusions before they start.

See Threats. Prevent Threats.

Your big problem: Organizations have invested a fortune in the best cybersecurity tools, but still more than five million data records are lost or stolen every day. With the amount of data traversing the network increasing daily, security tools are struggling to keep up, resulting in security tool sprawl, performance degradation, inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditure. Discover Gigamon Threat Prevention. At the core of this network security best practice is the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform next-generation network packet broker. Our core product empowers the right inline security tools — such as the Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), the FireEye Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) solution and the Imperva Web Application Firewall (WAF) —  to see, secure and prevent intrusions within growing network traffic and during software upgrades. Bring threat traffic to the front of the line. Offload decryption. Boost resiliency. Make your network more accurate, efficient and economical. 

Fortify Your WAFs

Deliver only the network data your WAFs need to protect all your web applications from cyberthreats — at the speed of the network. 

Advance Your APT Tools

Offload SSL/TLS decryption so your tools don’t have to. Consolidate. Save. Embrace the new paradigm of network security best practices.

Enable Your IPS Tools

Prevent intrusions by delivering relevant data to tools at a rate they can accommodate. Easily scale. Stay secure. Stop tool sprawl.

Why Gigamon Threat Prevention?

Purpose-built. Not standalone.

Unlike standalone bypass TAPS, the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform is designed specifically to enhance inline bypass tools.  

Costs less. Does more.

Simplify your security architecture to maximize visibility and efficiency. Find out how with specific customer examples from these Forrester tools. 

Threat Prevention Partners Complete the Picture

Learn about the inline tools we enhance.

Advanced Threat Prevention Solution

Quickly identify security risks. Automate mitigation to prevent malware propagation.

Intrusion Prevention System  

Thwart more threats. Gain more insight. Fuse embedded intel with automated analysis.

Web Application Firewall  

Web application attacks kill companies. Stop them cold. Analyze app requests.

Business Brief

Increase the effectiveness of existing cyber tools.

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GigaSECURE: Next-Generation Packet Broker


Speed Up Security Tool Evaluation and Deployment.

Business Brief

Control the costs of cybersecurity tools.

The New Defender Lifecycle Model

Automate and accelerate threat identification and mitigation
using the Defender Lifecycle Model.

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