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Gigamon is transforming security to stop cybercrime in its path.

Why Gigamon Visibility for Security?

Enhance your existing security solutions. Quickly identify malware. Accelerate threat response and mitigation. Significantly reduce the overhead, complexity and costs of security deployments.

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The industry’s first Security Delivery Platform.

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Strengthen your security and lower your costs.

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Learn from the Forrester TEI Report about the benefits of improved visibility and network security.

Transform Your Security

The threat landscape is changing. Network infrastructure is changing. Your network security needs to keep up.

Protecting Critical
Infrastructure from
Cyber Threats

Gigamon transforms your security architecture.

A Security Delivery Platform is the foundation of any modern cyber security strategy. Optimize your security solution deployments and provide them with consistent access to relevant data no matter where your tools are located: in the data center, in private, hybrid or pubic clouds. Deploy a wide range of security and monitoring solutions, that can scale up to 100Gb and benefit from granular network visibility, while simplifying your operations and management.

Shape your security to the needs of your organization.

Gartner, Inc. estimates $82 billion was spent on information security in 2016, and yet many organizations were breached. Prevention techniques alone do not suffice. You need better threat detection, prediction and containment technologies to accelerate threat response and mitigation.


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Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017: Adaptive Security Report

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Optimize your security tools

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AI vs Machine Learning to Fight Cyber Attacks

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SSL/TLS Decryption

Inspect SSL/TLS traffic for hidden malware and attacks.

Metadata Generation

Identify unusual and suspicious traffic patterns.

Application Session Filtering

Extract flows or patterns and feed them to relevant security appliances.

Inline Bypass Protection

Reroute traffic in the event of the failure of an inline security appliance.