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Learn about intelligent cloud network visibility from Gigamon.

Intelligent Cloud Visibility from Gigamon

The Gigamon Visibility Platform is a cloud-native visibility solution that acquires, optimizes and distributes selected traffic to security and monitoring tools. With the Gigamon solution, enterprises can extend their security posture to the public cloud and accelerate the time to detect threats to mission-critical applications while taking advantage of a reliable, scalable and available cloud environment.

Cloud Security: The Responsibility of the Enterprise

Public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has obvious benefits – scalability, availability and elasticity to name a few. However, when it comes to cloud security, it is often unclear who is responsible.

IaaS providers advocate a "Shared Responsibility Model" where the cloud provider is responsible for security of the cloud and the enterprise is responsible for security in the cloud. As a result, the burden falls on cloud and security architects to develop and implement an effective cloud security architecture.

Visibility Hot Spots

If you are running mission-critical applications in the public cloud, how do you ensure compliance, detect security threats and have pervasive visibility across the enterprise?

Visibility into the Multi-Cloud

If you are running mission-critical applications in multiple public clouds, how do you extend your security posture across your entire enterprise both on premises and multiple clouds?


"91% of customers want to approach cloud network security similar to on-premises security operations."

“Hide and Seek: Cybersecurity in the Cloud,”
by independent research company Vanson Bourne (May 2017)

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Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS

The industry's first pervasive visibility solution
for mission-critical workloads in AWS.

Gigamon Visibility Platform for Azure

Gigamon extends the Visibility Platform
to Microsoft Azure.

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Security in the Public Cloud: Learn how to extend your on-premises security posture.

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Learn how to effectively implement a cloud security and monitoring strategy.


Maintain visibility and assure cloud security with the Gigamon Visibility Platform.

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