Nine Metadata Use Cases: How to Use Metadata to Make Data-Driven Decisions

We have reached that point. The one where there is so much data on the network—in terms of volume, variety of data types, and speed at which it moves—that detecting good traffic from bad is not only costly, but, with the high signal-to-noise ratio, almost impossible for most security tools to handle. Attackers know this, and they understand how easy it is to go unheard—and unseen—in all that noise.

Download this white paper to discover a better way to take all of those different types of structured data and:

  • Go to them with a specific problem
  • Pull out the data that is relevant to that problem
  • Create a single summary record without using any compute cycles
  • Send thousands of those now highly enriched summary records to a SIEM
  • And then—and only then—burn compute cycles to analyze those records.

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