Security Should Be An Enabler:
A Conversation with Gigamon CISO Simon Gibson

Security Should be an Enabler

A new, more intelligent approach to network security is needed

Read CSO Magazine’s interview with Gigamon CISO, Simon Gibson, to learn:

  • Why “one-size-fits-all” perimeter-based solutions don’t work and lead to tool sprawl and performance issues. 
  • Why an intelligent approach is needed where only relevant data is distributed to appropriate tools, enabling a resilient, simplified architecture at a reduced cost.
  • How such an approach delivers the intelligence to dedupe, strip headers, slice packets, and decrypt—and then replicate and load-balance across a bank of security tools.
  • How this smarter way of managing traffic shares the load and maintains network availability even during tool updates.

Download the interview in the CSO Dossier to see how a centralized, platform-based approach improves security, and builds resilience into technology operations.

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