Navigating the Cloud Journey

Episode 6: Best practices and considerations for securing the Cloud

December 31, 2021   |   Michael Valladao   |    Episode 6

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Meet Carson Sweet. He's the Chief Cloud Security Officer at Fidelis Cybersecurity and has been in the infosec business for 30 years. In this episode, Carson shares some important best practices and advice that are key to understanding how to secure the Cloud whether your migrating, building new apps, or starting from scratch. You’ll learn about the 3 “D’s” of cloud security, the shared responsibility model, SOAR, “Shift Left”, Kubernetes, CVE Hygiene, Open Source, and more.


0:51  The 3 "D's" of Cloud Security

4:52  Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model is Critical

9:38  Reducing the Blast Radius of Your Cloud Account

12:48  SOAR & Securing the APIs They Depend On

15:16  Securing the Cloud: Pain Points & Landmines

17:23  Building Your Own Tech for the Cloud is Like Getting a Puppy

20:10  Cloud Automation & Kubernetes

22:11  "Shift Left" Can Make Your Cloud More Secure

26:32  CVE Hygiene and Bug Bounties

28:46  Open Source in Your Cloud - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly