Navigating the Cloud Journey

Episode 4: Operational Monsters in the Cloud

October 21, 2021   |   Michael Valladao   |    Episode 4

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Monsters in the Cloud? Yes! They do exist and if you're running apps in the cloud, it's likely that you've already been bitten by one and may not even know. Mike and Tobias Kunze from Glasnostic talk about the never-ending Day-2 in the cloud and what cloud operators and software developers need to pay attention to help identify and mitigate operational monsters that can cause havoc in your cloud environments.


1:26   In the Cloud, Day-2 is always

2:59    What is Cloud Application Control?

4:34   The New (fast) way of developing and updating apps in the cloud

5:52    Meet the Cloud monsters!

9:02  Cloud Operations is like Air Traffic Control

12:11   Visibility into CloudOps

13:25   How does Back Pressure in Cloud environments work?

15:55   Insert Bulkheads to prevent drift

17:42   Risks of application ops in the Cloud

20:16   What types of organizations need to pay attention to cloud monsters?

23:15   Hey developers, in Cloud environments, you can't fix this in code!