Navigating the Cloud Journey

Episode 3: Evolving Zero Trust

September 12, 2021   |   Michael Valladao   |    Episode 3

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We got a chance to catch-up with Zero Trust expert Chase Cunningham as our guest in this episode. Mike and Chase discuss a variety of topics around the origins of Zero Trust, important considerations around crafting your Zero Trust strategy, how the US Government has begun to invest in ZT and even a bit about Chase's children's books that teach our next generation about tech.


0:50   The Origins of Zero Trust and How it's Implemented

6:56    Zero Trust is Cloud Heavy

8:43   Paying attention to east/west traffic threats

10:02    Worst Practices in the Cloud

12:08  Moving from Cloud to Hybrid

12:52   Evangelizing ZT

14:53   Soft Skills for Implementing Zero Trust

16:44   Zero Trust and the Government

20:55   Children's books and teaching kids about ZT and IT