Navigating the Cloud Journey

EP 19: Identity Orchestration in Multi-Cloud Environments

AUGUST 17, 2023  |   JIM MANDELBAUM   |    Episode 19

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Operating in multi-cloud environments can create additional complexities around how you manage both human and machine identities. In this episode, Jim Mandelbaum speaks with Strata CEO Eric Olden. They discuss leveraging identity abstraction and resource management across both native and hybrid multi-cloud environments to minimize redundancy, reduce complexity, and understand exactly who is accessing what. Then they dig into machine-based identity orchestration and the new Identity Query Language which helps create a consistent representation of identity policy in different systems.

If you’re responsible for managing and securing multi-cloud environments, this is a must listen.


1:00 Multi-Cloud and How to Deal With Multiple Identity Systems

2:45 Identity Orchestration Used to Be Based on "OR," but Today it's "AND"

4:36 What Is Identity Abstraction?

8:34 Different Cloud Providers Have Different Definitions of Roles. How Do You Manage That?

12:06 MFA Redundancy in Hybrid-Cloud Environments

16:28 Managing Resource Access With Authorization

19:09 Managing Multiple Identities for the Same Person

22:04 Machine-Based Identity Orchestration

23:42 Identity Query Language and Hexa