Navigating the Cloud Journey

EP 15: Women in Tech and in the Cloud

MARCH 21, 2023   |   JIM MANDELBAUM   |    Episode 15

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For this episode, we invited back Arila Barnes (Ep 14) to discuss her journey as a successful woman in tech. There is something here for everyone including Arila's advice, learnings, what it means to be a mentor or sponsor to a woman, and some specific actions that men can to take in order to develop and grow a woman's tech career. We hope you enjoy this episode and join the conversation on our VÜE Community.


1:20 How has the Cloud impacted women in tech?

3:14 Challenges and learnings from a successful woman in tech

5:54 What can men stop doing AND start doing?

9:28 How to become a coach, mentor or sponsor for a woman?

12:39 What can companies do to attract more diversity in their tech hires?

16:19 Applying for tech jobs even if you don't satisfy everything in their "wish list"!

19:31 So what is the one thing you would ask of men and women?