Navigating the Cloud Journey

Episode 10: Navigating the AWS Security Ecosystem

May 25, 2022   |   Jim Mandelbaum   |    Episode 10

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AWS has LOTS to offer when it comes to cloud security. In this episode, Jim talks to Ranjit Kalidasan, a Senior Solutions Architect, who will discuss the Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud security and then review the key tools and observability use cases you need to know about to ensure your AWS cloud solution is protected.


0:54   AWS’s perspective: The Shared Responsibility Model

3:05  AWS Access Controls

8:43  IAM with AWS Access Analyzer and CloudTrail

10:27  Multi-Factor Authentication to your Cloud Apps

12:30  MFA isn't just for people accessing Apps

13:59  Zero Trust in the Cloud

19:18  Threat Detection with AWS GuardDuty

21:33  Visibility in your AWS environment

24:47  VPC Traffic Mirroring

26:22  AWS Best Practices from Trusted Advisor