Cloud Visibility and Analytics

Close the cloud visibility gap to simplify IT complexity, deliver exceptional customer experiences and maintain security and compliance.

Simplify and Secure the Cloud

The cloud visibility gap is real — and it’s a major contributor to infrastructure complexity that’s threatening digital transformation. It’s almost impossible for IT to deliver the expected customer experience, performance and security using network tools that can’t see the cloud or cloud tools that can’t see the underlying network.

Hawk, the Cloud Visibility and Analytics Fabric from Gigamon, provides complete visibility:

  • Elastic visibility for any cloud.
    Hawk’s visibility-as-code can be embedded into cloud automation tools to elastically scale-up and scale-out on demand.

  • Cloud visibility for network tools.
    Hawk provides traditional network tools with immediate, agentless visibility into layers 2-7 across any cloud.

  • Network visibility for cloud tools.
    Hawk delivers the “ground truth” of data-in-motion to cloud tools, such as East-West and container traffic.

By filling the cloud visibility gap, Gigamon Hawk radically simplifies IT complexity, ensuring organizations can deliver exceptional customer experiences, maintain their security and compliance posture and accelerate cloud adoption.


A Complete Solution for Cloud Visibility

Simplify, scale and secure your hybrid cloud infrastructure with the industry’s first visibility and analytics fabric that delivers a clear and consistent view of your network and application data.


Take a Deeper Look Inside Gigamon Hawk

Scale-Up Visibility Nodes

GigaVUE® Visibility Appliances deliver insight into high throughput data that travels through network nodes and across your network, including data centers and remote sites. With the Gigamon solution, you will have the coverage and control you need to help future-proof your out-of-band and inline monitoring and security infrastructures.

GigaVUE Visibility Appliances:

Scale-Out Cloud Visibility Nodes

GigaVUE Cloud Suite provides pervasive visibility across public, hybrid and multi-clouds. Integrated with orchestration, security and monitoring tools, you can simplify and accelerate workload migrations, troubleshoot and remediate security and user-experience issues and ensure regulatory compliance — at scale and with full automation.

GigaVUE Cloud Suite includes:

Centralized Visibility Orchestration and Management

GigaVUE-FM simplifies and automates the configuration, management and operation of Hawk with unified visibility across the hybrid cloud.

Use cases include:

  • Configure, direct and control traffic in the hybrid network
  • Monitor and secure traffic for physical, virtual and hybrid cloud workloads
  • Identify, monitor and troubleshoot traffic hot spots

INSIGHT Cloud Data Warehouse

INSIGHT is the cloud data warehouse that stores contextualized network metadata collected from the visibility nodes. INSIGHT Cloud Data Warehouse underpins Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT, the high-velocity NDR, and is accessible through a set of APIs or AWS S3 export.

Use cases include:

  • Network threat detection and response
  • Application metadata collection and analysis

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