Scale your traffic intelligence to meet your needs.

The GigaVUE-HC3 visibility node enables comprehensive traffic and security intelligence at scale to see more, secure more, and expand your security and monitoring infrastructure to meet your needs.

Offering up to 25Tbps of traffic intelligence processing across 32 clustered nodes, the GigaVUE-HC3 enables you to gain deeper visibility into your data in motion, minimize traffic overload, extract metadata from network traffic, and provide more effective options to deploy both inline and out-of-band security tools.

The GigaVUE-HC3 visibility node provides you with comprehensive, contextual security intelligence in 10, 40 and 100Gb networks. With mix-and-match capabilities, this modular appliance enables you to establish and expand your Visibility Platform as your needs grow, and maximize your RoI.

Use cases

Security Optimization

  • Active security remediation
  • Identification of malware activity

On-Premise Monitoring

  • Eliminate contention for network data
  • Centralize Netflow/IPFIX Generation
  • Filter streaming media and custom applications

Legacy Investments

  • Connect legacy tools with mismatched throughput
  • Get network visibility during network upgrades

Cloud Monitoring

  • Get visibility into SDN, private, and public cloud infrastructures
  • Active security remediation
  • Active security remediation

Volume + speed + threats = complexity + risk + cost

Organizations, whether enterprises, services providers, or government agencies, are seeing more and more volumes of data traveling faster and faster through their networks. This generates more complexity, more cost, and more vulnerability to security threats than ever before. The right way to solve this challenge is to have pervasive visibility into the data moving throughout the network infrastructure.

Volume + speed + threats = complexity + risk + cost

The Business Benefits of Gigamon

Learn about the benefits of improved visibility and network security in this Gigamon-commissioned study from Forrester.

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GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform

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