Visibility Operating System

GigaVUE-OS powers the core and edge visibility nodes in the Gigamon Platform. Proven in the most demanding environments in Fortune 100 enterprises and large service providers, GigaVUE-OS provides the reliability required to help ensure accurate visibility into infrastructure blind spots. Built on a Linux kernel, it allows administrators to rapidly select traffic flows of interest and apply advanced traffic intelligence using GigaSMART® applications.

GigaVUE-OS provides active visibility services, including Flow Mapping® , Clustering, GigaStream® , Automatic Network Discovery and Inline Bypass

Visibility Operating System

Simplify your monitoring and security architecture.

GigaVUE-OS provides the necessary APIs to integrate with GigaVUE-FM, giving users a single pane of glass to seamlessly manage all GigaVUE-OS nodes. The breadth of the Gigamon portfolio coupled with the feature richness of GigaVUE-OS allow operators to get the best of reach, scale, cost and intelligence with a common software and operational model across the entire monitoring and security infrastructure.

GigaVUE OS is a modular operating system that offers:.

  • Patented Flow Mapping® technology: Select traffic flows of interest with precision
  • Clustering: Combine multiple heterogeneous devices and manage as one logical node. Allows utilization of capabilities of other nodes within the cluster
  • Portable design: Scales from commodity white box hardware to intelligent, core nodes
  • Multiple management methods: Fabric Manager, web-based interface (H-VUE), SNMP and CLI

Key use cases

  • Replicate and/or distribute traffic across multiple NPM, APM, security and CEM tools based on a programmable rule engine
  • Combine core capabilities in GigaVUE-OS with GigaSMART® traffic intelligence to maximize performance and ROI from tools
  • Create a Security Delivery Platform that enables the deployment of inline, out-of-band and flow-based tools across the network infrastructure
Product Brief

Product Brief

Product Brief - GigaVUE OS

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