G-TAP A Series Active Network TAPs

G-TAP A Series

G-TAP A Series

G-TAP A Series Active Network TAPs

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The G-TAP A Series is a line of network TAPs designed with the Gigamon “Always On” architecture. This one-of-a-kind architecture eliminates network link downtime on network connections through the use of up to four power sources, including PoE, AC, DC, and on-board battery backup. While using any of the primary forms of power (PoE, AC, DC), the G-TAP A Series unique design constantly charges the integrated backup battery, which allows it to assume power load in the event of primary power failure. This eliminates link downtime associated to link renegotiation on the end devices connected to the TAP. Models are available for both RJ45 copper and SFP+ configurations.

GTAP A Series Rack Mount Frame

G-TAP A Series devices also provide intelligent management capabilities that monitor link states of connected devices, and the power state of all forms of power. In the event that primary power is lost, SNMP traps alert users that the TAP is utilizing the backup battery. The SNMP traps are re-triggered as battery levels drop to ensure rapid alert and renewal of the primary power source, eliminating further network downtime. The G-TAP A Series’ intelligent monitoring also offers an added level of network security to your network, by providing SNMP trap alerts when existing links are removed, or when new links are added.

Quick Specs

  • Up to 10Gb
  • Always on architecture
  • Remote administration


Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates link renegotiation delay due to power loss
  • Power: Power over Ethernet(PoE), AC or DC, or Battery
  • Battery Power is maintained for up to one hour
  • SNMP Traps notify of link state and battery levels
  • Optional 1U PDU (Power Distribution Unit), powers up to 24 TAPs

Use Cases

  • Fault tolerant for a 10/100/1000 link providing full-duplex traffic to attached monitoring tool
  • Provides 10G SFP+ capabilities for visibility into applications requiring direct attach copper
  • Active monitoring of link state and power levels to ensure uptime and connectivity
  • Easy integration with the full GigaVUE appliance family