Gigamon Insight

Investigate, hunt, detect and respond to threats — all with one SaaS-based security solution.

Stop Managing Tools — and Start Securing Your Organization

Consolidate your intrusion detection, forensics and incident response in a single SaaS-based platform that rapidly scales with your business. It’s called Gigamon Insight, and it gives you the tools — and vital information — to detect and understand threats for immediate action.

With the Gigamon Insight solution, security teams can:

  • Investigate, hunt, detect and respond to active security threats
  • Access core security capabilities, including NetFlow analysis, network intrusion detection and network packet capture through one easy-to-use dashboard or the fully documented API
  • Solve advanced business-level risk and vulnerability problems in real-time.
  • Quickly identify and act with confidence on threats of the highest severity


Gigamon Insight Empowers Security Teams

The Gigamon Insight solution, utilizing sensors deployed in cloud, physical or virtual infrastructures, provides the opportunity to consolidate capabilities and approach security in a new way.

The Insight sensors generate network metadata from on-premise or cloud-based environments and process it in the Gigamon Insight solution. The result, enriched multi-tenant data that’s centralized for rapid analysis and intelligent detections.


The Gigamon Detect application lets responders quickly identify and act with confidence on threats of the highest severity. The application features an entity-driven architecture with cross-lookup capabilities that provides the critical information responders need to act, including:

  • Quick identification of malicious activities
  • Whether an entity has previously generated an alert
  • Context into traffic type
  • Recommendations on next steps


The Gigamon Investigate application features data correlation and enrichment, and real-time search performance to help quickly understand the chain of events leading to an incident — significantly narrowing the window between identifying and remediating an event.

  • Quickly identify indicators of interest with the Entity Pane
  • Fully enriched, normalized, and searchable event data
  • Operationalized threat intelligence matching

Data Access

Gigamon Insight exposes all information, both raw and enriched data, through a responsive web interface and our full suite of REST APIs. Events are enriched with curated external data sources and correlated threat intelligence to generate unique insights and more data points to find threats.

Real-Time Curated Detections

Review only the most relevant alerts with fewer false-positives. Curated threat intelligence and signatures across a broad data set provides targeted insights. This intel means less time with low-quality detections and more time investigating real threats.

Scalable Sensors

Rapid deployment lets you scale up and down as needs shift. The easy-to-install, fully managed sensors can be deployed in minutes across a variety of environments.

Build, Add, Integrate, Customize

Fully documented APIs allow workflow integration to optimize visibility and easily connect to existing security tools without increasing workloads.


Gigamon Insight Solution

Move from managing tools to securing your organization.


Malware Trends

Request the ebook now to learn the latest research on threat-actor behavior patterns.


EMA Insight Brief

Gigamon acquires ICEBRG to extend the power of network traffic analytics.

451 research logo

“Gigamon is known for providing high quality access to network data, whether the network data is accessed from on-premises or cloud environments. The Gigamon Insight solution brings the cloud-based data management capability essential for delivering advanced network security as a service, and offers security teams a better way to prioritize and respond to the most urgent threats, potentially changing how we view security in the SOC of the future.”

Eric Ogren
Sr. Security Analyst, 451 Research

Applied Threat Research Team

Gigamon Insight is supported by the world-class Gigamon Applied Threat Research (ATR) team, which delivers leading-edge detection capabilities via the Gigamon Detect application.

The ATR team actively hunts for threats and studies their behavior in the wild and throughout customer environments. They also develop detection capabilities and conduct security research to advance the state of detection with curated rule sets — complete with full rule descriptions, justifications and logic — to help protect customer environments.

ATR team

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