NFV Visibility

Take control of your network function virtualization infrastructure with Gigamon Cloud Suite.

Visibility Solutions for your NFV Infrastructure Deployment

Service providers are embracing the network function virtualization architecture. Yet, NFV networks have distinct management needs.

Built on network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) with virtualized network functions (VNFs), they are beyond the usual “span of control” for service operations, and are often cloud-native, multi-tier and containerized.

Gigamon Cloud Suite acquires traffic from your network function virtualization infrastructure, transforms it and automatically distributes optimized traffic to the right customer experience, performance monitoring and security tools. It provides:

  • Full visibility into VNFs, including those in VMs and containers, for faster incident resolution and accurate threat detection
  • Lower infrastructure costs and increased tool efficiency through reduced traffic load
  • Easier deployments with automated scaling and the option of using OpenStack or VMware native traffic mirroring
  • Unified management of multi-cloud or hybrid environments with GigaVUE Fabric Manager (FM)
High-level Simplified NFV Architecture

Visibility Solutions for NFVI Deployment

Learn more about our certified Cloud Suite for Kubernetes, OpenStack and VMware NSX-T/V platforms.

5G NFV Infrastructure: Unlike Normal Private Cloud

Network function virtualization infrastructure for 5G is a major transformational upgrade compared to 4G LTE. Its benefits include improved scalability, availability, flexibility, agility and elasticity.

However, managing and securing 5G VNFs is not easy. Services or functions are heavily disaggregated, often implemented as workloads in the form of microservices running on containers rather than virtual machines. And communication between VNFs is often encrypted. Getting visibility into the network traffic where the truth exists is a key challenge for operators.

Most of the burden falls on the service provider’s network and security architects to develop and implement an effective NFVI management and security architecture. You can rely on Gigamon to provide the right solutions to secure and optimize your virtualized network— and help you succeed on your 5G journey.


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