So many CSPs to evaluate, so little time.
Make the right choice.

Accelerate your risk-based triaging to evaluate multiple Cloud Service Providers.

Use this proven approach to choose from among all those cloud service providers. Here’s help.

“Gartner research shows 70% of workloads will be hosted in the public cloud and that 50% of enterprises will intentionally adopt multicloud by 2025.” But how can you reliably evaluate and choose from among the ever-increasing number of cloud service providers (CSP) coming into the market? 

To get a jump start now, read the new Gartner® report on Risk-Based Evaluations of Cloud Provider Security. Gartner recommends taking a “risk triage” approach that starts with a quick and rough estimate of the risk significance, before starting the assessment of a new CSP. You’ll see how to:

  • Identify the 3 tiers of CSP and how they affect your risk evaluation
  • Apply practical risk triage to CSP risk levels and tiers
  • Reduce timeline and risk using existing cloud security standards

Gartner, Risk-Based Evaluations of Cloud Provider Security, Charlie Winckless, Jay Heiser, Refreshed 16 January 2023.

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