Data Center and Virtualization

Enhance and transform  your data center with pervasive visibility into all your network data.

Why Gigamon Visibility for Virtualization?

The data center is the IT heart of your business, supporting on premise and cloud applications, virtualized and automated services and security.  Feed your data center with complete, scalable visibility into all network data.

VMware Automates Traffic Insight

Enhance and secure your SDDC with GigaVUE-VM with VMware NSX.

Zero Tolerance for Downtime

Prevent data center downtime with intelligent traffic management.

Boost Data Center Agility, Scale

Gigamon and VMware. Visibility-powered virtualization.

Software-Defined Visibility

Gain complete visibility, agile orchestration of your software-defined networks.

Digital evolution means virtual. We can guide you.

Given the growth of Big Data caused by BYOD, cloud and convergence, data centers networks are upgrading to 40Gb and higher. But many monitoring and analysis tools can't perform at these speeds—leading to data loss and security vulnerabilities. Most modern security and monitoring tools are unable to effectively see inside clouds or converged infrastructures. When a workload migrates to the cloud, granular network visibility remains an essential requirement. 

What's needed? A solution that offers complete insight into network data in your cloud and virtualized networks. Gigamon provides granular visibility into virtual workloads in VMware-powered SDDC (ESX and NSX-V) and OpenStack/KVM-powered multitenant clouds with our GigaVUE® solutions.

A virtualization solution with traffic intelligence

As workloads grow, an increasingly large share of network traffic flows between virtual machines. Visibility into this modern infrastructure is essential to managing end-to-end service delivery. Whether your traffic is in the clear or encapsulated by tunneling or overlay networking technologies, Gigamon helps you manage, secure and understand it. 

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Solution Brief

Enhanced Monitoring for VMware Infrastructure


Monitor, Manage, Secure SDN Deployments

Case Study

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chooses Gigamon for Large-Scale Data Center Monitoring

Solution Brief

Enhanced Security for Virtual Servers

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Achieve Visibility into AWS Cloud

As you lift and shift the network, learn to manage and secure your cloud infrastructure. 

Estimate Your Visibility ROI

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Manage, Secure Network Data

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