Remote and Branch Offices

Challenged with overly complex networks for your remote sites? A simplified solution for optimizing network traffic and enabling comprehensive security is here.

Why Do You Need Network Visibility?

Business networks are always expanding. They’re in the data center and in the cloud. Increasingly, they’re extended to remote locations. Here, granular visibility is crucial for effective network security and reduced risk.

Smarter Traffic Flow

Drive your branch office traffic with intelligence. Get GigaSMART.

Modern IT Transparency

Here's why your branch-office infrastructure needs active visibility.

Security Inside Out

Optimize your security posture with a security delivery platform.

See How to Gain Pervasive Visibility in AWS

Test Drive the Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS for three hours.

Gigamon Extends Visibility Platform to Microsoft Azure

Gain network traffic visibility to mission-critical workloads in Azure. Try it for yourself today by registering for our beta program.

Gain complete network visibility in your branch offices

Remote office networks face many of the same security and performance challenges as your corporate HQ network. They're also prime targets for advanced threats given their distributed nature. Once a branch network is infiltrated, your corporate network data is vulnerable. Remote visibility, monitoring and management require a robust, yet cost-effective, solution. Our GigaVUE-HC1 visibility appliance is your answer.

An inside-out approach to seeing, securing your branch data.

BYOD may be good for business productivity, but it can be bad for security. The pervasiveness of temporary and remote employees means that old assumptions of trust no longer apply: not when at least 30% of the workforce is onsite today and offsite tomorrow. With ever-growing volume of users, devices and apps, a traditional network security model is a thing of the past. The adoption of dynamic cloud environments dissolves network perimeter boundaries.

Consequently, invisible threats can just as easily enter your remote office networks from the inside as they can from the outside. See how a security delivery platform and our security solutions can enable you to see your entire network, core and remote, from one dashboard.

Network Visibility is Affordable

Read this Forrester Report to learn Gigamon's total economic impact on your remote offices.

Product Brief

GigaVUE-HC1: for sites needing granular traffic visibility.


How remote sites fit within our reference architecture.

Data Sheet

The compact branch-office appliance, GigaVUE-HC1.

Maintain Visibility and Data Security When You Move to the Cloud

Watch the videos from Cloud Field Day 2 to learn why visibility to network traffic is important.

See how.

Watch Public Cloud Q&A Video

See the challenges and benefits of visiblity within an extended network.

Visibility Platform for AWS Test Drive

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Security Delivery Platforms for Dummies

Learn how to optimize security tool performance, erase blind spots and resolve contention issues.

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