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Boost your company's competitive edge with a cost-effective network and security solution.

Why Do You Need Network Visibility?

Secure your infrastructure. Streamline network operations. Put a lid on costs.

Eighty-five percent of midsize businesses surveyed said network complexity has increased or stayed the same over the past two years.* Visibility can put you on a path to simplicity.

*ESG Research Report: "Security Market Trends." Oct., 2016

Threats from Within?

Security inside out. Why you need a security delivery platform, pronto.

Compact Yet Powerful

GigaVUE-HC1. The network visibility appliance for midsize business.

3-Hour Cloud Test Drive

Take our Visibility for AWS for a spin. On us.

Customer Success

Banking and Insurance Group Simplifies its Monitoring and Forensics Operations.

The New Defender Lifecycle Model

Automate and accelerate threat identification and mitigation
using the Defender Lifecycle Model.

Eyes on your network for full protection, optimization.

The challenge of keeping up with known network vulnerabilities and emerging, visible threats in a midsize firm's network is more than a full-time job. Gaining visibility into and across the entire network is an added burden for 75% of midsize firms.* Using a solution such as the Gigamon Visibility Platform to optimize network security and performance monitoring allows your organization to be proactive instead of reactive—a unique differentiator for a midsize business.

You can also gain automation, and intelligence to accelerate incident response and minimize security risks. Gigamon can help optimize your organization's network by granularly processing traffic and delivering it to the right security and monitoring tools, thereby eliminating traffic bottlenecks, overloaded security tools and false positives. 

*EMA Survey, Dec. 15.

Extend reach. Rein in costs.

Your midsize business must compete like a large enterprise but must operate on a smaller budget . Your network and security tools must be reliable today yet have the capability to easily expand as your business grows. There is a simple way to deploy and optimize your evolving network while simultaneously setting a solid foundation for growth. 

Our GigaVUE-HC1 appliance is just the ticket. 

Gigamon Extends Visibility Platform to Microsoft Azure

Gain network traffic visibility to mission-critical workloads in Azure. Try it for yourself today by registering for our beta program.

"Gigamon enabled us to easily direct, manage, and record VoIP traffic, allowing us to enhance training and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction."

Ron Rivet
Network Engineer

Take a Test Drive

Our AWS Test Drive allows you to:

  • Analyze traffic for anomalous activity
  • Acquire network traffic and apply traffic intelligence
  • Deliver optimized traffic to the right tools

With the Gigamon solution, you can optimize costs with up to 100% visibility for security.

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Discover GigaSMART: traffic intelligence for optimized networks.

Data Sheet

GigaVUE-HC1 compact appliance for midsize enterprises.

ROI Estimator

Know how quickly you'll make back your visibility investment.

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GigaVUE-FM Fabric Manager is a single pane-of-glass management platform.

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