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In big business, network security and reliability is crucial. Visibility is your launch point.

Why Visibility for Enterprise?

Optimize your network and application performance. Fortify your network. Boost your ROI.

Complete visibility of your on-premise, virtual and cloud-based network enhances your business with real-time data access and control.  

You Can Afford Data Insights, Security

Know the total economic impact of Gigamon across your organization.

Close Your Visibility Gap

How to identify if, when and where your network visibility is vulnerable. 

Pervasive Visibility Explained

Know the architecture and impact of an enterprise Visibility Platform.

IDG Is 'All For' Your SDP

Learn how a Security Delivery Platform can profitably affect your entire organization.

The New Defender Lifecycle Model

Automate and accelerate threat identification and mitigation
using the Defender Lifecycle Model.

Turn your network into a profit center.

Being able to see inside your network is a major catalyst in producing ironclad applications, airtight security and a profitable return on investment. Enterprises that "get it" when it comes to network visibility share a few common characteristics.* For example, they are three times more likely to understand the interdependencies that exist among applications on their networks than other firms.  These companies are also twice as likely to be able to segment application response times into server, network and application delays. 

Another key characteristic and benefit is the ability to measure bandwidth consumption by application or network location. Otherwise, business decisions are made blindly.

To profit from all your network data, you must see, manage, secure and understand it. Forward-thinking enterprises understand this. 


*NetworkWorld Online: "Network visibility key to application performance." 

How much visibility is enough?

Maybe your security team is spending too much time chasing false positives. Or you now have tools that reside both inline and out of band. Or you may have suffered a breach. On the security side, compliance is a concern, as is a sluggish network and applications that fail. Insufficient network visibility and control may be the reason. Get a free visibility platform demo, which will help determine the right level of visibility for your enterprise. 

Take a Test Drive

Our AWS Test Drive allows you to:

  • Analyze traffic for anomalous activity
  • Acquire network traffic and apply traffic intelligence
  • Deliver optimized traffic to the right tools

With the Gigamon solution, you can optimize costs with up to 100% visibility for security.

ROI: How long do I have to wait?

Know the top-level fiscal savings a visibility platform can create for you.

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Solution Brief

Pervasive visibility for the enterprise.

Joint Solution Brief

Securing the hybrid enterprise with RSA.


How IT trends change the way enterprise looks at security.

Gigamon Extends Visibility Platform to Microsoft Azure

Gain network traffic visibility to mission-critical workloads in Azure. Try it for yourself today by registering for our beta program.

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Financial Services: Kill Inside Information

Identify advanced threats that come from inside your firm, and out.

Healthcare Held Hostage

Patient data, once breached, can't be restored. See and stop malware. Faster. 

Video: Under Armour

Learn how the company leverages visibility in its security strategy.

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