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As a SaaS provider, your network is your entire business. You run your shop on it— and your customers' services too. Here's one solution for making it safer and more reliable.

Why Do You Need Network Visibility?

The promise of every high-tech Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company is that the service itself is more reliable than an on-premise system. Stability and scalabilty are paramount. As you expand your service offerings and grow your network, a pervasive visibility platform helps you decrease risk and complexity.

The State of Network Security

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Visibility Amps Security Across the Organization

Discover how a security delivery platform can benefit your entire business.

Ways to Make AWS Cloud Safe

See, secure and mitigate threats to AWS Cloud through insights into all data.

Uncover Hidden Threats in SSL

Decrypt, expose and stop threats in encrypted traffic on 100Gb networks with increased resiliency.

The network is the business.

In your line of work, there's no time for downtime. Your network drives every aspect of the business, especially client service delivery. If you're like most SaaS providers, you rely on cloud computing and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) vendors to host components of your product. So any network performance issues—such as crawling response times or outages – have to be identified and addressed immediately. Identifying network malfunctions, such as a faulty data center switchover following a natural disaster, are just as crucial to spot and correct, so that a failover can happen at a backup location.

You also promise clients to handle all system security, which is no small feat. Advanced threat identification and protection is tricky on a perimeterless network, where a lot of customer data is traveling on the cloud network. Your cloud computing provider promises you a level of security, yes, but you're ultimately responsible to your end customers. Your brand and your customers' brands are at stake. A pervasive visibility platform enables SaaS organizations to gain granular views and insights into your entire extended infrastructure, helping you become more agile, secure and cost-effective.

Why Gigamon stands out

You'll gain simplification of monitoring over multiple networks, plus the ability to leverage all network data intelligence, including metadata, application session filtering and de-duplication. You’ll also decrypt and manage SSL/TLS traffic to identify and mitigate hidden threats. The Gigamon Visibility Platform readily pinpoints issues, such as suspicious traffic activity, unexplainable traffic spikes and poor network performance, as device failures. Regardless, Gigamon has your virtual, cloud and mobile networks covered—including multi-tenant systems and connectivity with 3rd-party systems and customer networks.

Secure Your Cloud. Get the Advantage.

Lift and shift the business into AWS Clouds. Cut security tool costs. Outsmart advanced threats. All with unprecedented clarity and security.


Eliminate network blind spots and optimize your security tool performance and scalability.


Active Visibility for High-Volume Traffic.

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Security Delivery Platform Locks it Up

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Large-Scale. High-Speed.

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Estimate Your Visibility ROI

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Automate Traffic Visibility for SDDC

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