Gigamon #1 in Network Visibility and Analytics

Omdia ranks Gigamon the market share leader in the Enterprise, Government, Service Provider markets.

Gigamon Continues to Dominate the Market for the Seventh Consecutive Year

Gigamon continues to stay ahead of the pack by delivering a smarter, more proactive approach to network management, monitoring and security, giving customers the power to extract contextual awareness from network traffic and take meaningful action.

For organizations with a more complex network infrastructure and for whom the performance of their network plays a critical role in their day-to-day operations, dedicated network monitoring solutions, such as those from Gigamon, provide a more robust and scalable approach to traffic capture.


According to the 2020 report:

Gigamon saw 18 percent growth YoY
That’s 3.5x the overall market

#1 overall
38 percent market share, more than 2x nearest competitor

#1 in enterprise
39 percent market share, 2.5x nearest competitor

#1 in government
58 percent market share, 5x nearest competitor

#1 in service provider
27 percent market share

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Gigamon helps you increase customer satisfaction and retention while lowering your network monitoring costs.



Gigamon enables Federal agencies to run fast, stay secure and optimize during IT modernization efforts.

Source: Omdia Network Monitoring Equipment Market Report, July 2020. Market share in terms of revenue. Results are not an endorsement of Gigamon. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk. Visit for more details.